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Affordable Aerial Photography Inc. was formed in 2005. Our goal is to provide the best quality stock photos at a resonable price.

Affordable Aerial Photography Inc. is an established company which is well known and held in high regard in  South and Central Florida thanks to the excellence of our product.

As the name suggests, our great strength is Aerial Photography, but we also specialize in Interior and Night Photography. Why call two, three or more different photographers and overpay when you can call us?

Our work is 100% guaranteed as we are dedicated to providing our customers with top quality photographs.  We are based in Palm Beach County but will not hesitate to operate in other areas of the United States. We have taken pictures of extremely valuable properties in California, New York, Orlando, The Bahamas and Key West.

When you call us, you will not get a secretary or a recording - you will be in contact directly with our photographers so that you can inform them of your specific needs.

Robert Stevens
phone: 561 714 79 77



Affordable Aerial Photography Inc.
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